Thursday, April 30, 2009

Bad hair day.

I shall postponed my damai laut post because i don't have the mood to blog a super long post :/


Yesterday, I had a bonding session with my sister :) We went to Pyramid for shopping and movie.

Had lunch at MCD. Sis is being a super stalker now because she keeps on taking pictures of me :/

I had a bad hair day yesterday because was rushing :(

my somehow angry face

i was daydreaming about the filet-O-fish i ate :P

omg! this is super candid :/
eh sis, i eating fries also wanna take picture of me ah?!

We watched :

thread of destiny

Don't ask me how much I gonna rate of any movie I watched because for my opinion, I think everyone has different taste :)

see, i'm so damn dark now

p/s - Sis starting college soon!

pp/s - Am going to accompany her for her orientation later on! :)


~JL~ said...

sigh .. Where got dark ?? Like no difference only .. =_) .. Apply more lotion then if you think you're still dark .. =/

Victoria said...

got la. u only can see the differences when face to face :/
ya wei. am applying whitening lotion every nights! haha

~JL~ said...

haha .. =_)