Saturday, December 02, 2006

nanananan !

thanks 2 jenny for leaving me ere all by myself..
she went penang wif her mama..
i am fine without jenny la actually..
i wont die without her aso..hehe =p

aik today was my 1st class for undang..woke up at 6.45am! OMG
wow sat down to 5hrs listening to my driving teacher to give his lecture..
shit i damn long din sit for lecture d..
not used to it! luckily it's over!
i taking my undang test in the 14th..yea yea!
hopefully must pass!
come on vic, jia you jia you!

haiz juz got scolding from my maple bf..
o.o sob sob!
ish damn long wanna lvl up le..
bengang sial ~

- vic very bored & -
wanna eat ice cream

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