Saturday, November 11, 2006

hmm miss my blog!

did anyone miss me or miss my blog?i miss mine blog so much! >.<>! muahahaha =p ( lazy wanna update my blog after the trip ) those pics down there was taken on the 8-9th of november at genting highlands ! ~

silly me trying to play pool! ~

was taken in a club in genting but the club is boring!

me in my bed..NO! it's mine kepompong..don believe?ask jenny!

me n my darling ( mine good buddy - jenny )

today post -

my dad was bak from bangkok for few days so my mom suggested us to go out for dinner n we actually went to telok gong for dinner! wow ~ sadly =/ my dad flying bak tomoro..sob sob! ~

i gonna miss mine dad so much cos i damn like to manja wif my papa! haha =p
din plan to upload the pics we took cos my mom saw it n she say she don look nice in it..
as a good daughter, i must listen to my mama's words.. =)

lots of love,

- vic - ^.^

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