Tuesday, October 10, 2006

stupid smoker! haha =p

a brand new ME! weee ~ ~

OMG! looks at his serious looks! * he is faking it *

looks at him! ! he wanna be a cute puppy but tak jadi! haha =D

i am totally bored at home today & when i woke up, i looked at my fone & freakly i got around 5miss call n 2 sms but i don even return their calls or sms.. i being bad!

had been a long time, i was curious abt the movie title "rob-b-hood" ! ! many ppl say the movie is damn nice n worth it to watch so i being so nice today & ask my bro either wanna watch movie anot la since he is at home where else he havent watch the movie yet n i still owe him a movie! Finally i can go out! yahoooo ~
believe dis ppl! younger sis owe eldest bro a movie! hmm i think he must be very lucky to have me as a sis.. do you vincent ? =)
btw i loves the movie wei! reali worth it for me to pay rm22 for 2ticket..louis koo & daniel wu so damn leng chai n hot! =p

before heading to pyramid, we went asia cafe! yea i reali miss tat place man! haha i get to play foosball today! wohoooo ~ ~ having lots of fun today & i totally 4get tat tomoro i got addmaths exam..haha nvm la hopefully i can do it ! i juz hate addmaths..arghh it making me go crazy man!

- wanna go play me cutie on9 games d -
have fun reading my blog ya!

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