Saturday, June 06, 2009

The forum.

Lil boy left for leo forum yesterday. I really miss those moments when I was at leo forums :/ Basically, I had only been attending 3 leo forums which were held in Penang, Johor and Penang again! One word to describe, awesome :)

Leo forum 2005

the girl who i knew since form 1, jenny kuma

the roommates ; jenny, e-laine & me

the guy friends ; dwayne and shen chun

aww, we look so young!

group picture :)

Leo forum 2006

the only forum that jenny dint attend

the girls who I spent my whole time during the forum

the pair of siblings ; Lee, Ho and Pang

with choy hung

Leo forum 2007

a friend from penang ; James

the babe(s)
Ponessha, sis yaenn, jenny and me

not forgetting, michelle

the sister! <3

with the la salle klang dudes ; ivan, gary and wilson

Did anyone miss leo forum??

I know I did :/

p/s - Awww, time really flies! :/

pp/s - Happy birthday aun hoong!

ppp/s - I miss lil boy T__T


~JL~ said...

time flies indeed .. haha .. *poof* 1 year already .. xD

garyooi said...

HAHA. I miss leo forum alot =)
sweet memories in leo. heheee.

KOKahKOK said...

gary dun say only la...put in action active back ok