Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Self quarantine.

I'm so gonna die of boredom if i have to continue to self quarantine. In a special case, I went out with mom and lil boy just now because mom wanted to watch the must watch movie ; TRANSFORMERS 2 ; Revenge of The Fallen!

No doubt that she is HOT!!

I think he is good looking though!

However, to really get out from self quarantine, I, my mom and lil boy need to go government hospital to have a check up tomorrow. Did you know that I dislike going to government hospital because of their slow services?? :/ I guess I have to bear with it tomorrow. How sucky!

Yay, say NO to self quarantine if and only i'm free from H1N1 virus!

p/s - Night!

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~JL~ said...

megan fox is damn hot .. xÞ .. haha