Sunday, June 28, 2009

I just need more time.

Before I blog about my Perth trip, I shall just blog out my draft 1st. Didn't want to keep my draft in blogger for a long time. So please be patient alright, my dearest reader? (:



Was in Pyramid (i'm SO bored of it already) with the mom and brothers last last week which I can't remember when. Was there to do some shopping. Nothing much to elaborate about the outing. Just few pictures to share because it have been a while since i camwhored with the boys :)

HELLO sexy blue black

While vincent and mom were shopping, me and lil boy were busy camwhoring. Nth to do what.

see, he is such a big poser

now, trying to acts cuteeee

then he didn't want to layan me

finally, he did and vincent is being a busybody :P
spot him!

oh noooo, lil boy is so good in becoming a picture spolier!

Vincent went to the fitting room and all of us went it too. Haha! So we decided to camwhore in the fitting room.

*sniff sniff*

why cut half of yr face?

he loves to camwhore as well :)

he looks adorable here right??


*Pictures below were taken by Canon IXUS 870IS.

with the dearest mom <3


yours truly,

ah moiiii

p/s - Happy sunshine :D


boney said...
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boney said...

hey sexay leg >.- :P
btw is that a smile or a oh no i'm broke smile?? the last pic

Victoria said...

-.-" sexay leg? lol! oh that can be said as a candid smile. I was like talking halfway then *snap snap* so that explained the outcome of the smile!

boney said...

noob la you..:P or the cam just hates u???? lalalalalala

Victoria said...

what noob?!! nah, the camera loves me okay! why u so bad? oh i think this is the only nice candid pic of me!