Thursday, July 09, 2009

Summit Flea Market.

Oh well, I skipped uni today because unable to wake up and was feeling unwell. Hello, imagine me waking up at 7.15am when I went to bed at 12am which equivalent to only 7 hours and 15 minutes of sleep??

Lazy pig.

Okay no doubts that I'll blog about my Perth trip the next post. Trust me ;) And, please be patient for like another day or 2.

Being kind, I just want to inform you guys that there will be a flea market held in Summit starting this weekends onwards.

I'll be there with mom because my cousin sister asked me to help her sell hair accessories just like before at the pipit wonderful market.

Do pay me a visit okay?

More info on the event, check it out @

p/s - Hungry ghost :/

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