Monday, July 13, 2009

Sorry seems to be the hardest word.

I'll continue my perth trip next time. I need to upload the pictures into photobucket 1st because I used up most of the memory by uploading the pictures from my lappy. Moreover, I need to resize the pictures. Hard work!

The past weekend I was in Summit for the flea market. There were about 50 vendors and they sold clothings, accessories, food, facial masks, toys, children apparels and many more.

our booth, the no.17 booth

the neighbour booths

part of the flea market

lil boy dropped by after tuiton ;)

pek mun was there too.

visit the yeo sister's blogshop @

joanne & nicholas's booth.

To check out what does Joanne make, visit

aunty Habibah doesnt want to take picture alone so she dragged mom along. Haha

She provides hampers & creative things. Visit her @

The world is really small because aunty habibah stays at the same row as jenny kuma and her daughter's bf is a student in SMK USJ4.

p/s - Free advertising for them.


~JL~ said...

'sorry' it seems easier to be said rather than to really mean it .. =/ .. but still it's pretty hard to say it hard and really mean it .. haha .. =0

Victoria said...

eh joe lee, you're making me confused! anyways it's okay. haha (:

~JL~ said...
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~JL~ said...

erm .. oops .. hmm .. maybe it's easier said than really meaning it ?? =/