Monday, July 20, 2009

Perth - Day 3

Have been recently addicted to David Archuleta's song ; touch my hand.

Trying to reach out to you,
Touch my hand,
Reach out as far as you can,
Only me, only you, and the band,
Trying to reach out to you,
Touch my hand,


Lil boy added some pressure unintentionally by telling his friend thru his blog that I updated the perth trip. See, now I have to blog about the perth trip 1st. Postponed the IU Day post. Sigh.

Day 3

As usual, woke up around 9am something. Got shower but mom asked me not to wash my hair as we were going for water activities.


Walked to the Bell Tower to enquired about the water activities ; swan jet.

lil boy with the bell tower

us with the bell tower board. lol

Unfortunately, swan jet was not available because of the weather (I was thinking what was wrong with the weather). So we decided to take the perth transit ferry to south perth.

Not our ferry! Just a random ferry! Haha

Hopped in the ferry and start taking pictures.

south perth

Reached south perth and walked to the Windsor Park to get to the south perth zoo.

shadows ;)

The entrance ticket to the zoo was AUD $25 for adult. Lil boy was charged under the catergory of children which costed AUD $18 because he is only 16. *Cant really remember the exact price for the ticket, should be around that range*

cuteeee penguins!

super ugly toad.

extra ugly toad/frog

gigantic crocodile

look like anchovies but i somehow i dont think so

GOLDFISH! *my species*


candid picture? Thank lil boy!

koala bear! *reminds me of vincent*

a happy family :D

Jumping shot again!

don't know what fruits or food are these

Oh gosh, my black hoodie became purple now? T__T

the empty bridge

now, us on the bridge

TIGER!! woot

posing with the yummy Burger Ring


bon appetit people!

Kei Apple Tree


a perfect place to have picnic

vending machine.

his new best friend!

a stylish building

We spent about 3 hrs in the zoo. Wow, my 1st time spending so long in a zoo. Haha! *applause for me* The zoo is really clean without any smells and well organize. Good job!

Got the ferry back to perth city. From there, we took the blue cat to Murray St West Mall and walked to Carillon City to get our EARLY dinner. As early as 4.30pm!!

had the fried kuey teow again

lil boy's red rooster

Had Gelato's ice cream! *yum*

Walked back to the motel and reached at about 6pm!

look at the sky!! It was about only 6pm and the sky was already so DARK!

the corridor

Spent my time by chilling, listening to music and watching CSI. Managed to watch CSI and CSI: Miami. Got to bed at 11.40pm.

p/s - Got to go my own way!

pp/s - Down with bad blocked nose & sore throat!

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