Monday, October 12, 2009

To the north Part 3

I was memorizing my presentation points about 2 hrs ago and then i felt asleep and make me forgot everything i memorized earlier @.@ Boooo! Just woke up not long ago and decided to blog to keep me awake. Gonna have to memorize my points again later because want to watch tv at 8pm lol

  • Fried kuey teow for breakfast!

all the poser :)

ewin snapped this :/

  • Went to esplanade which reminded me of a singapore buildings. I miss singapore. Anyone wanna go with me??

  • Entered the Fort Cornwallis by paying rm3 per person

fuyooh im look damn white here! snow white kah?

blue sky :)

  • Went to Him Heang to buy tambun biscuits for my family
with wei liang. the only pic with him in my camera

  • Had Penang famous teochew cendul & ice kacang

  • Visited the Kuan Yin temple

goodbye penang T___T

goodbye penang cloud?

Whats up next? 1st lunch with my uni babes post? or perhaps xberry party?


~JL~ said...

when you want to go Sg ?? =D ..

AL said...

is the cendol store, had visited by phua chu kang before? =)

Victoria said...

~JL~ : when i got enough $$$ to go? haha!

AL : yeah should be because i saw his pics there :)