Thursday, October 08, 2009

Mid Autumn Festival

Finally, i got some time to blog about the mooncake festival celebration. Postponed to penang trip 1st k. Too much pictures already @.@ To keep this short, let me shorten what did we do that night.

Ate, played cards, drank, lighted lanterns, played candles, cleaned up the house, chit chat session, camwhored, watched tv and lastly, slept! This is not follow sequence. I couldnt barely remember which/what happened 1st..

Pictures timeeeeee!

we lighted up lanternss

as a decoration

satay babeh! yumm yumm

we only drank vodka that night

food for that night!
nom nom nom

lighted up ikea candles

trying to burn down the house garden

you should know who is he by now!

the scandal! LOL

the retarded siblings

the big bully :P

the grandma & grandpa

poker face!

potential to be a lala right? LOL

chewwww lian!

super candid pic taken by meeeeeee

we love to drink :D :D

smelling the smelly family teddy bear.
4 of us have the same teddy bear

look at the piggy lil boy :p

freestyle poses

trying to pretend to sleep but failed expect for lil boy


HAHAHA! this is so funnyyyyyyyy

crazy boys tried to act lalalalalalalalalal ~

priceless picture :D :D

jh wanted to be the taller one, therefore, he needed to cheat :p

can help me to squeeze my fat out

drunkard @.@


i went out of my hse randomly just to snapped this -.-"

trying to lan ci his guitar skill lol

the gay-ness

im the jie jie :)

the unexpected sleepovers

saw this in my tweet last week?
ask lil boy!

I love to celebrate festivals with you :) :)
Coming online now to have presentation discussion with my uni babes!

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