Saturday, September 26, 2009

Love is everything.

Okay, i need to get to bed NOW already. Am freaking tired and exhausted. I'm not a piggy anymore but a panda bear because i've a very obvious panda eye T__________T

Therefore, this is one schedule post because i want to make this a special post for my one & only lil boy ; VICTOR! :)

Note that this is the one and only big picture in my blog. Seee, he is so lucky to be the one and only! Haaaaa :p

Dearest lil boy,


One word to describe him ; UNIQUE!
:) :)

Anyways, there are few outing i havent blog about yet. So stay tune for my updates on :
  • Cousin's wedding
  • B'day dinner
  • Trip to the north with friends
  • KL outing with brother


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