Thursday, September 03, 2009


Here is one short update on what i have been doing/feeling/thinking/wanting whatsoever :

1. i have been continue reading breaking dawn. Currently is in page 463 where renesmee is the daughter of edward cullen and bella swan. What a name.

2. i'm having sudden crave for food especially GOOD food. Not forgetting, chocolate, mcd fries and BR peppermint chocolate chip ice cream

3. i want to go shopping badly but im seriously broke now =( Come money come!

4. i want a dslr, nike new arrival bag, dkny handbag and wallet. I guess i have to save up to buy them boooo

5. i dont like when i got no car to drive out

6. i want to go for a holiday!!

7. i got annoyed by some people and i hate it very much. Get a life people!

8. i started playing restaurant city again because now we can level up and get a bigger restaurant woot

9. i cant believe im saying this but yea, i want to start uni asap. 25 more days babeh!

10. i'm bored of coming online!

11. i feel so sad because not many people visited my blog T___T

12. i'm surprised that another cousin of mine has a blog too! heeee

13. i want to upload my perth trip pictures into facebook soon

14. i want to go visit my friend, john who is currently studying in perth

15. i need to get a nap now although i woke up like 45 mins ago!

Thats all for now! :) byeeeeeeeeee


Darren Lee said...

i want dslr too! haha!
i want to visit john also!!
and i tot a lot of people visit ur blog lor......

Victoria said...

darren - i thought you have one?? lol jom lets go visit him and where got a lot of people?? not as much as last time T___T

Darren Lee said...

no lo, that one not good enuf, haha!
yea yea....let's go la and why wan so much people visit wor, got me visit can dy laa.....LOL

Victoria said...

not good enough? gosh! i think that should be alright already wei. LOL! more ppl visit better ma :) thanks for visiting here thou.