Monday, August 31, 2009

Sis's 18th PART II

As i promised! Here is the part II of my beloved sis's bday celebration.

After dinner and the cutting cake session, my sis and i hit to the nearest club. MOS was it! Met lots of familiar faces there. However, the crowd wasnt that bad compared to that day where i was there with jenny and a group of friends.

TONY! ;)

We love to camwhore!

the birthday girl that night ♥

Elroy got us a bottle of champagne for free due to sis's bday

with kesu and a friend of his

Glad that you had a great one ;D

ai ping, sis, eunice & ah moi

incomplete group picture

CHERYL!! Long time no see

More pictures are in facebook! :)

Off to shower!

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