Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Full moon

Last Saturday, my whole family attended baby aidenn pang's full moon. Aidenn pang is my newly born nephew! So cuteeeee! :D Congrats angela jie and dickson! We, the siblings were pretty late that night due to some reasons =/ Sorry mom and dad!

the food! nomnomnom

fruits keep us healthy :)

bro and sis were checking out who are hairy-er -.-"

camwhore is just another daily routine ;p

yes i know justin, you werent ready! ahaaa

we were trying to look happy or rather smile by opening our mouth THAT big

sis with pearl, the cousin

bro was busy teaching an unknown boy how to play wii

baby aidenn pang is so adorable ;)

the game that i'll always lose
btw, i dint play that night!

jie jie sue!

As usual, more pics in facebook heeeee. After the full moon party, i left to Tanjung to have yam cha session with the ex high school mates :) Glad to see them.

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