Sunday, September 13, 2009

The faces

Life is treating me semi-good nowadays. However, sometimes life is just too hard to live on! Had been thinking alot lately about stuffs which i dont plan to mention them out here.

Anyways, there was a day where i went shopping with lil sis around kl. Was in times square then walked to sungei wang. Took some pictures only during lunch and lazy to elaborate. Enjoy!

some pork chop food

hello sis, warm honey lemon and ying yong

she was checking a guy out daydreaming, i suppose

oh well, enough of my sis. my turn now!

this was candid, not checking anyone out


please dont get bored of my face. okayy, time to get back to my sis

weird looking face which cant explain anything lol

acting cute face

are you bored of her face already?

Please dont get bored of our faces :) Not forgetting, happy bday adrian!
Time to get back to reading! Byeeeeeeee

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