Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Men are simple

First and foremost, happy 090909! :D Oh well, 090909 is pretty memorable for some people but for me, it is just a date with numbers! heeeee

Last night, i went to OneU for special screening of the ugly truth. Thanks joelee for the ticket and the rides too :)

while waiting for the driver him
(ya ya, i was sitting on the floor lol)

Before hand, we had our dinner at Vietnam Kitchen. At first, we were having difficulties choosing place to dine so i called up this particular person and asked his suggestion. I know that call was really random lol. Anyhow thanks for yr suggestion ya :D

the interior

i wasnt stalking that uncle over there okay! he is married!! thank youuuu

i likeeeee this mango milk shakeeeee
yumm yummm

we were asked to help out to fill up this form and we had free desserts in return :

hahaha no wonder is free. i dont like it at all! tasted weird :s

sometimes, im camera shy okay ;p

pure candid! perhaps i was checking out the hot guy at the next table?? -.-"



rate : 7/10

because they cut some of the scene boooo

Oh i met pei song there too and i sat beside of him! Long time no see, pei sooooong lol

Shit! Feeling emo again T___T

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~JL~ said...

Yeah .. Men are simple .. xD