Sunday, October 11, 2009

To the north Part 2

Since i got nothing better to do now besides sleeping or having supper, i shall make use of my time to blog about the another part of penang trip. Before that, i just got back home from watching movie with mom and lil boy. We decided to watch Tsunami at Haeundae because sis and jun hsien watched it last night and they said the movie is not bad.

rate : 6/10

One word to describe the movie is sad =( =(

Btw when i want to start blogging about the penang trip, i totally forget about the places we visited during the 2nd day in penang T____T Sorry! My weakness is short term memory as i've stated in the previous post. So cant blame me. But you know what, i took some time trying to recall but somehow my brain wasnt working. Another T_____T Speechless. Anyhow i give up so here is the unspecific 2nd part of the penang trip.

curry mee for breakfast

yes, penang hill here we come :P

the poser ; nicholas

augustine, me & ewin ee with some unknown behind

finally reached to the top!

i got sunburn @.@

a hindu kuil?

After that, we went for lunch. During this trip, i really eat alot. Therefore, when i got back to subang, i somehow went on diet! Heeeeee

another poser

cant think of any caption already :/

with nicholas liaw

ewin's crocs which is too huge for me

us :)

with their expensive gf

my species but different family

taken by someone who claimed himself as a professional photographer from Sydney

monkey head = big brother :)

ewin, can you see a crab here?

o.O sunset! prettyyyyyyy

We had seafood dinner nearby the beach. It was quite romantic (obviously not for us) but then got alot of mosquitoes around =( =(

unique satay! yum yum


Shit! I need to get my ass to start to memorize my presentation points already @.@
Wish me luck :D

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