Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The 1st date

Last thursday, i went for lunch with my uni babes. It was our 1st time having lunch outside the uni compound excluding summit, hence the title of this post. The girls were having crave for japanese food so we ended up at Sushi Zanmai :)

anyone wants to eat japanese food? call me along k! heeeeee

cher wei likes salmon which i dont

but i like tuna, just like reynu

with cher wei

reynu & aunty summer

all 5 of us

we call her aunty summer because she is a year older than us except for reynu.
Reynu is 20 as well. another aunty!

group picture
reynu, why you close yr eyes? -.-" & look at ella @.@ retard!

ella khoo as known as vinn khoo too

always busy on the phone with the bf

ella eh eh eh ~

my uni babes :)

reynu, summer & cher wei

posing/promoting canon camera

she has the same camera as i do but just different colour

I miss my metropolitan babes & friends too T______T When wanna catch up? *sobs*
Waiting for my hair to get dry then off to bed!

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