Thursday, August 04, 2016

Blessed birthday :D

17th July 1990 was the year a baby girl was born into this wonderful world. Not knowing who was this baby girl, somehow fate brought us together and I so happen to meet her *sounds so cheesy haha*

This bubbly girl so happen to be one of a close friend of mine since college days. Segi college days. I was with this sad college Segi for only a semester and off I went down to Merlion Land *Singapore if you don't know*

It has been 7years into knowing her and yet we're still doing just fine even though we don't always meet up (She is the busy one, super super extremely workaholic) But she was there (and will be there) on most occasion where I needed her to be and vice versa :) 

A great friend she is :) 

Truly blessed to have this babe in my life! 

Wishing you the very best of luck with everything in Singapore :) 
Knowing you that you gonna be working compulsively but do remember what's the most important thing in life! Health, Happiness then only comes Career!  

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