Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Should i emo?

Title not even related. NOOB me!

Sometimes, I do feel that I don't have many friends around me or I only learn to appreciate my close friends lol. In fact (not being perasan), I actually do have many friends but just that I don't really meet them up that often. I had been thinking a lot lately and I realized that I'm not the one who take the initiative to msg my friends, " hey come lets meet up" or "hey, wanna catch a movie together" or whatsoever just to meet up.

Although I don't make that initiative to meet up, deep down in my heart I do appreciate all my friends (yeah, all my friends). Maybe I shall try to change myself and learn to make the initiative to meet up my friends

Oh well, this is not an emo post so no worries :)


Life is short.
Good night readers! Have a good sleep :) 

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