Thursday, June 02, 2016

Day 2..

FIRSTLY, HELLO HELLO THE MONTH OF JUNE! *time flies like crazy*

Here comes the Day 2 of my Adelaide trip.. Like finally..I know right :0 

Since it was a short and unplanned trip, we woke up whenever we have enough sleep and we just do whatever we want randomly. No plan or anything else. Free and easy yo 

Woke up pretty late on Day 2 so we skipped breakfast and straight to lunch. Lunch was happily ever after because amazingly we managed to dine at Jaime's Italian Kitchen without any reservation or booking. Just walk in and it was located so conveniently within 3 minutes walk from our hotel :)  

See my happy-just-woke-up-naked face
And my face looks good wheenver I'm in a winter country. Seriously

Oh hello handsome *loves* 

Guess what? We spent our day at the zoo because we just feel like it :) And we didn't go to the famous Glenelg beach or/and Cleland Wild Park. It was pretty far away by public transportation so yea. Adelaide Zoo is fine for us :D 

I'll follow you ~ 

Oh we walked along the Adelaide Botanic Garden too since it was nearly the zoo. The weather was prefect for outdoor activities like this. I like! 

Wanna be ChunLi! Look at my hair! So crazy and I have massive hard time fixing it after that T___T 

Before we ended our day, we went for a stroll along Rundle Mall Street and did some shopping plus food shopping for our fridge back home!

It was productive *at least for me lol* Till then, the 3rd day of our trip!

And a BIG HELLO *waves* to Deanna because she told me to keep my blog updated!
*blow kisses to her*  

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