Friday, June 17, 2016

Friendship on the ship

Friends friends friends. One of the group of people whom I appreciate dearly regardless the length of friendship but of course, I tend to appreciate my friends whom I knew since 13? *Damn, I'm feeling old now*

Met up with some of them for dinner couple days back because one of us was back from Japan and SG. Short dinner to catch up on things.

L:R ; Jenny Kuma, Carmen, Jean, Han Jia, Simon, Linda & FAT me :) 

The ladies excluding Jean. Where were you? 

Simon, your beer belly! Lol 

The always young and cute looking Linda. The last I saw her was form5 which is like errr...9 years ago?!! *Aiyo I just reveal my age, didn't I? :0

See you again Linda *hopefully soon* in SG! Take care and be safe over there! Hugs

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