Friday, December 23, 2016

Sissy day

Seriously once I've became a mother, I don't have much time to hang out as often as before. It's not that I don't want or don't feel like going out but leaving my baby boy back at home initially is something a new mother (me) can't handle yet. The separation anxiety T___T 

However, as babyT grows up, I freaking realise (I know right after so long) that I need some time alone all by myself because hey, being a stay at home mom is challenging okay?! Bear in mind, I don't have a maid but my mom do drop by and help me out occasionally :) Super glad for that. 

Thank you mom! 

So I went out hang out with my beloved sister on one of the weekend at Sunway Pyramid. Basically more like accompanying my sister to go shopping. She was the one who needed to spend money lol 

Now you know why I'm addressed as piggyvic *oink oink*

HAHAHA no doubt that I looked like the younger sis here instead of her :) :) 

Agree with me? No?! Yes? 

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