Sunday, September 21, 2008

Is NOT my fault!

Because of my ankle, I can't walk much so I just stayed at home and watch dramas. Now i'm addicted with a japanese drama titled Himitsu no Hanazono aka The Secret Garden. Watching it online now. This is how I spent my weekends. Fun rigth? :P

This drama is about a 28-year old female magazine editor who is tired of work and feels she doesn't have a life is assigned to be in charge of a very popular cartoonist with a most lovely name, Yuriko Hanazono. But as she goes to Hanazono's residence/office, she is met by four men who seem to be her assistants. Then it turns out those four men are brothers who form a team named Yuriko Hanazono by taking roles to create popular comics. In this heartwarming comedy, the exhausted editor may find out the key to be happy while she is being driven crazy by this unique gang of brothers.

There is a cool boy in that drama. I think he is super cool. Oh yeah, did I mention that he is only 18?! *winks* By the way, he is Kanata Hongō (本郷 奏多)

Okay, my drama is waiting for me! Ciaoz :)

p/s - Yesterday is the past, today is the present and tomorrow will be the future :D

pp/s - It's yr fault by ending it to be like this.

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