Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The friends

I feel like blogging about my friends today. What are friends? Friends are people who you need them in your life besides your family. I shall not talk about my family today because they have too much to talk about. I put my family first then only friends :) (i think my future bf will be the last in the list) Because blood is thicker than water.

First, Jenny Kuma

Basically, I knew this girl since I were form 1. When I was form1, the group of friends I mixed with doesn't like Jenny. However, as time flies, I knew that she is a great friend. That's why we are still close friend till now. She is the one who always support me no matter what. We used to share our feelings, thoughts, and even secrets. We were like a twin sister. Many people said so. Even tough, we are not in the same college but we sometimes do meet up and start telling stories to each other. Nothing will break our 5 years friendship :) I miss those moments where we hang out together.

Next, Taryna Khoo

This girl is now in Japan. Hopefully she will see this post when she is back. I also knew her when I was in form 1. She and jenny is the only one I'm close to. We used to hang out in her house before we go school leo club meetings, after school and even when we ponteng school. I always remembered that when we went to her house, she will asked her maid to cook maggi mee for us :) Taryna is a nice, helpful and great friend. We always support each other and never get into an arguement. We clicked well with each other.

Not forgetting, my college friends babes,

Yuki Gan

Seriously, when the 1st time I saw her in my orientation day in college, I have set in mind that I wanna make friend with her because my six sense told me to do so. Serious. Thanks God. She is in my class and I'm able to be friend with her. At first, she is a quiet and shy girl. I was somehow the one who talked more than she. But now, we talked about many things. Sometimes, she do share her thoughts with me. She is the one who always take care of me when I'm facing gastric problems. I know I always gave her trouble because of my gastric but then she never complain. She is really nice, kind, cute and caring. Because she look like a small girl to me, I treat her like my lil sis. And, I like her smile :) especially when she saw MZ!

Su Ling aka Big Sis

Why do we call her big sister? This is because she is a year older than us. But it's really fun hanging out with her compared to the others 19 years old friends of mine. She is almost the same kind like me. She can go hyper and crazy sometimes. Her crazy-ness always make me feel that life is really fun with hang out with her and the others. Not forgetting, she is smart as well. She is helpful enough to help me out when I'm lost in my studies.

Yoke Foong

She is the girl on the left. She is super shy and I can't find any pic of herself. She is a supeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer quiet and not talkactive. She is really a slow poke. That's what we call her. Haha! Yoke Foong, we were just playing. Don't angry ya! Although she is so quiet but then she is sometimes funny. She will laugh when she saw us laugh. Really random. Besides that, she is like a princess because she talk very soft, walk slow and eat slow. That's why slow poke nickname suits her.

Thanks for being my friends :)

*Steal all those picture from friendster and blog. Hope you guys don't mind*

Note : If I praise someone more that doesn't means that I love that someone more okay! I love you guys girls EQUALLY *big smiles*

Oh yeah, I love all my friends although they are not in this post!

If I have to blog about all my friends, I really have to take 826243792032437391 days to finish it :P LOL!

p/s - Will be sleeping the whole day tomoro if there's no plans :D

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