Friday, September 19, 2008

Pain Killer.

Actually, I am supposed to get prepared for my clubbing activies later at M.O.S aka Euphoria with friends but then, I am NOT GOING :( (I really wanted to go) You will know the reason why I am not going when you scroll down.

College was okay recently. Today, stayed back at college till 3.30pm. Did account assignments with yuki babe.

yuki has nothing to do :P

Before that, I experienced something bad. Really a bad day! After BMB class, we were walking down the stairs and I don't know why/how I can TWISTED MY ANKLE & I almost felt down & almost cried cause it's really painful :( Most probably I was daydreaming, i think? Serious I don't know how, why and what happen that time.

The result of it :

swollen ankle :(

Just come back home from PJ because I went to give my ankle an urut. It's really really really really really really really painful. Now, I have difficulties in walking and also climbing up and down the stairs. So I will be staying at home during this weekend and rot. So fun!! >.<

my very first time twisted my ankle :(

the traditional medicine :/

a random picture. wth!

p/s - I had a bad day! :(

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