Friday, September 26, 2008

It's all about you

Will not blog about my random thoughts & emo stuff for now. So I'll blog about my lil boy & my best friend. What do they have in common? Well, their b'day fall in the same day which is TODAY! So i'll be blogging about their birthday post.

Firstly, Happy Birthday lil boy :)

Lil boy, hope you'll have a great celebration ya. Oh yeah, jie will get your present as soon as possible k? Jie don't have the time to get it. Sorry!

This is my youngest brother which i love him a lot. Aww~!! Although he is my youngest brother but then to him, I seems to be the youngest one. He always take care of me and my sister. I'm glad to have him as my youngest brother. He has almost the same thinking as me. And, he is the one who looks like me compared to my sis and eldest brother. Aiyo, don't know what to say already. But most important is that, YOU KNOW I LOVE YOU :D muacksss!

Next, is my best friend :

He is CE. He is my best friend. He is funny. He is nice. He is friendly. He is a clubbing kaki. He is lame sometimes. He is a great friend. He is botak chin. He has many funny face expression. He sometimes looks like a gay (joking). He looks scary when he is angry. He has many girlfriends. He is Su Ling's ex husband (hehe). He is playful. He has high expectation on girls. He is the one who make me remind of someone because of his walking style; hands in the pocket. Last but not least, he is he :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, lil boy & best friend.
Hope you guys will have a good one!

p/s - my holidays will be boring T__T

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