Wednesday, September 24, 2008

I'm stupid! :(

Just came back home from MCD, taipan. Went there after my college. Bumped into many old friends there :) Heh!

And, I screwed my account test today! Just great!! :( Is not I didn't study but then I forget about the formula and got blank on how to do when I read the question. Moreover, there's a physical distraction which bother me during the test. Ever since I twisted/sprained ankle, my left leg is really weak. Like just now in the lecture hall, I could hardly feel my leg and it was numb. Maybe is because the coolness in the hall. But right, I didn't feel that before :( I was stunned!!!

Now, my ankle is not fully recover yet. Besides that, mom doesn't allow me to do sports for 1-2 months and don't wears heels at this moment. Sad! So means my swimming plans on raya days with my babes will be cancel! Oh no *crying face*

Tags replied :

Boney : But then still, winter is fun. I like winter! :p Ceh, is just a lil warmer only wat. Should be okay right? :)

Yuki330 : Babe, don't sad already k? Love ya. See you tomorrow :)

Kahtunz : Welcome back, dude! Miss you wei. Do you miss me? Haha :P

WanYii : hey girl, yeah no worries I linked you already :) Thanks for linking me ya.

Mun Mun : hey mui, yeah jie's ankle will recover soon. Thanks for your concern :) Hope to see you soon. Miss you la!

Mervyn : LOL :P that's good. Err all the while you are famous wat. Just that you keep low profile :)

Mr. D : Hehe okie dokie. My ankle will get well soon. Thank ya! And, funny loh your heart will pain when you saw it! Bluff me de :P

~JL~ : Thanks for your good luck wish but then I can't do the paper just now. Thanks anyways :)

Victor : Yup, piggy jie jie is going oink oink again :P blek!

Till then,


p/s - Will be working harder on my studies after the raya break :)

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