Thursday, March 19, 2009

Lets go fishing :P

Just now after class, I went to pyramid with mei kwan and teni. At first, i thought of staying back at college and do my revision as finals is coming. But then, they brainwashed me to follow them :/ Haha! Was wanted to watch movie but the timing is not right so we went to Wong Kok Char Chan Teng for late lunch and had a chit chat session.

apple juice! yum


pork chop :P

their foods

mineeee :)

stupid shark

hello fake nemo :)

super weird long fish -.-

fish backside :P

The pictures courtesy of mei kwan's :

p/s - I need to get to bed asap :(


boney said...

eh ask u not to touch d u summore go touch..:P
yea u need some sleep girl..

Victoria said...

hmm touch what? -.-" *thinking*

yeah no worries. I had lots of rest adi! :)

boney said...

that aquarium la..:P