Monday, February 20, 2012

When you grow older,

You will grow wiser. True enough

Celebrated my 22nd birthday with the family without daddy and younger sis and also the boyf. However, as usual I'm glad to celebrated with my loved ones. Simple dinner will do :)

Date : 27th January (actual birthday is on the 28th)
Venue : Delicious, Sunway Pyramid

brainstorming on thinking what to eat

with mummy <3
Shall put this as my facebook display pic

the youngest one in the family

death by iced chocolate
yes, it's in the menu

iced mocha for mom

this picture is up because to show you all my brother's silly look.
he is the star for this pic only :P

Scroll down to build up your appetite :

daddy & yaenn, wish you guys were here!
Miss you!

On 28th itself, we went to get the birthday cake. A baby's birthday cake. Mom claimed that I'm still a small girl. And guess what? The boyf strongly agreed with her :/

adorable :)

Just me & the cute birthday cake :D

A moment to remember <3
Good night everyone!

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