Thursday, February 12, 2009

The 19th

My birthday post :)

Part 1.

On my birthday day itself which is on the 28th Jan, in the noon, I was on the way home from my hometown ; malacca. Then, at night, had dinner with family at a Sri Melur mamak USJ 17!

Told ya, my birthday is like a normal day. Oh well, it's fine for me by the way :)

After dinner, I was craving to make wishes therefore, my parents drove us to get a small cake because I told them so. I just want something that can put a candle on it and I could make many wishes but I won't be eating the cake. Conclusion, my mom got me a Coffee Bean small cake. love you, mom!

Elder brother didn't join us for the cutting cake ceremony :(

my mom said that I make a lot of wishes which is true :)

I didn't know this happen ;/


I am feeling grateful everyday because having my family is the greatest thing that happen to me in my life! I love them all lots!

p/s - Part 2 coming up :)

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