Monday, August 01, 2011

Long lost post

Suddenly, I have the urge to blog pulak. Thanks to the previous post. Hmm weird :0

This is one long lost post when I can't really recall when was this taken. But oh well, since it's in my draft already so why not I just post it up right? Hehe

One fine day, I was invited to my batch mate's house warming. Thanks for inviting, however only some of us made it. It would definitely be a blast if everyone made it that day.

Batch mates are like my family members because we been through 4 tough but not so tough months together, we graduated together and spent most of our time in training school together.

@Somewhere in Kajang

Nizar & Faizal Tahir

Siew Lee, Julian and yours truly :)

I look like i'm pregnant right?

with the 2 macho ones :D


Batch 14/10, you guys are the best!

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