Sunday, August 05, 2012

Final decision.

OMG! Look what I found in my drafts. Seems like there are quite a number of drafts in my account. Lets see maybe should I post them out WITHOUT editing them.

 This draft was written by me in the year of 2009. It was 3 years back when I'm done with my foundation in college it seemed.

Here it goes :

*Please don't laugh at me*

Now, foundation of business is done. I have to choose my degree programs already. Intake is in July.

At first, I wanted to take up Management & Marketing because I thought it was fun and challenging. When came to the 3rd semester of my foundation where I studied about human resources, a topic in management, I realized that Human Resources is an interesting subject.

From there onwards, I was planning to take up my double major in Management & Human Resources. However, the Human Resources subject is only available in Curtin University, Perth. This mean that I have to do twinning program of 1+2 which I always wanted to :)

But come to think of it, there are advantages and disadvantages of going to Perth. My parents don't prefer me to go there because they doubt that I am able to take good care of myself. I do have gastric problem and menstrual pain every month :/ In addition, the clumsiness in me and anxiety of exams.

I was really into the Human Resources subject until I don't know what should I do. To decide what should I do, I finally went to college and asked one of my college counsellor. He asked me whether am I sure about taking the double major of Managment & HR and I said yes, without any doubts. He just advice me to go check out the HR course structure in the curtin website.

I got back home and checked it. And, I found out that I have to study business statistics as one of the topic. Oh for your info, numbers is a NO NO for me. I don't like the subjects that involve numbers which explain why I am taking the theory subject for my degree.

So, most probably, I won't be taking HR subject already. Furthermore, the subjects that offer a 3+0 in Metropolitan are basically only finance, economics, accounting, marketing, management & advertising.

After discussing with my mom, I will be taking up Management & Marketing. Besides that, I guess I won't be going anywhere else but here. I will just stay in Subang and enjoy the life here although I know the life in Aussie is pretty fun :D

p/s - If I have a chance, I will prefer to made the decision that satisfy everyone else but me :)

pp/s - Hope this will be the best & right decision!


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