Sunday, February 15, 2009

Valentine's gift

I was doing my business stat assignment just now and I'm feeling stress cause don't really know how to do. So, here am I, trying to release my stress-ness by blogging.

Although I don't celebrate valentine's day but I still receive gifts. Haha!

First, was a small sweet card from my beloved sis yaennie :)

Next, was a surprise from a college mate; Joe. He called me at 11am but I was still sleeping. Then, I woke up at 11.15am, msg him asking why he called me. He called me back and ask me to go wash up! After that, asked me to go out of my house. I was -.-" when I saw him with a gift on his hands.


I was at home the whole day. Online & ber-webcam with boney the bunny for a little while. Suddenly the webcam got problems. wtf Then, had a simple dinner with mom & lil boy.

So that's basically all about my valentine's day


I think it was a fun valentine day! :D

p/s - I love to receive gifts :)

pp/s- Thanks to sis yaennie & joe for the valentine's gift.

ppp/s - boney, you still owe me a valentine gift :P


boney said...

lol...blame it on the msn and webbies!

Victoria said...

lol. yalah of cause blame the msn & webbie la. takkan blame you meh? :P

boney said...