Monday, September 04, 2006

ouch! it's hurtful

ouch! it reali hurt n make me feel wanna bite it!! argghh!

stupid mosquito bites me on near my ankle there..ouch very sakit! stupid you then you noe!
hmmp!hopefully it wont leave an ugly scar..

aik today UPSR examination starts..wish all candidates gud luck n all the best!
it's very easy onli n don make yrself too stress up..don worry be happie! haha

hmm..was trying hard to brainwash someone..haha.. wish me luck! =)


yaenn said...

dun scratch d la! later get worst! then got scar! then not smooth adi! >.<

Victoria said...

haha memang not smooth d one la.. hmm..must put lotion d.. wanna help me put?

yaenn said...

duwan. put yrself la ;P

Victoria said...

yer! you don sayang me de..onli sayang ming san! hmm