Sunday, February 11, 2007

haha lame ~
at least i blog abt sumthing rite?
i dowan to don update it! =(

well, nth much as usual juz another boring day where i went shopping with my lil sis n mom at the curve, PJ
bought my guess handbag for CNY
yeppie =)
everything is completed!

there is a lion dance at the curve
took videos on it but din plan to upload it in ere
laziness of vic! hehe
i delayed my lunch time juz to watch it!
i loves lion dance !
it makes me so energetic for CNY festival

guess wat ppl! there is a guy named sam lee propose to his gf named stella ng for marriage on the curve's stage in front of many ppl!
oh gosh he propose to her in public! wow so romantic
happily for sam lee b'cos she say YES! yea yea!

those pic down there is juz to make my blog interesting
have fun viewing my boring blog

the sun! wow hot nyer ~

spot anything? hmm =.=?

the curve is so pink! pinky ~

damn it i missed larian fourian yesterday >.<
sob sob!
i was planning to go but i felt sick
haiz wasted =/
sry carmen for not able to accompany you run
it's my fault if you were bored

valentine day is coming soon
so i am ere to wish all couple have fun on that day =)


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