Monday, October 27, 2008

The best clubbing ever.

A group of friends and I went to MOS. It was pretty fun because they are my buddies! Sadly, Wai Chun cannot make it. If not, it will be more fun :)

Note : I was extremely 100% sober okay! Serious.

It was my first time for not wearing heels to club. Blame my ankle for it. But it's okay la. If I wore heels then my legs will definitely hurt because has been dancing almost the whole night.

MOS environment was nice, sound system was powerful and a large vibration dance floor. woot

Pictures credit goes to Jenny Chan again :) Thanks babe! You know I love you!

We open 1 bottle of :

picture found from

Jenny, Ah Kang & Daniel

Hoong, Ah Kang, Ken Yee & Daniel

i love her

my buddies ; Ken Yee & Hoong :)

He is freaking tall T___T

my face so funny!

anyone wan kisses? :P

When there left only 2 glass of pure Chivas Regal, we started to play some games which include kssing as the punishment. However, is just a kiss on the cheek OKAY!

1st : Hoong & Ken Yee

damn gay!!! :P haha

2nd : Me kena kissed by Daniel

3rd : Daniel kissed Hoong

another gay one!! tee hee

4th : Me and Kuma

OMG!! This was a different punishment therefore, we have to kiss on the lips :)
But still okay la, cause she is my buddies for 5 years plus.
(my facial expression is so wrong wtf)

Jenny looks extremely cute here. aww! But someone looks drunk! Hah

camwhore kings!
Look at Ken Yee ; acting cute!

our parents knew each other!
small world huh?

Oh yea, he is from Sabah

Group pic :)

Reached back home at 3.45am and my legs was really aching like hell. Oh my . . .

Thanks for a great night people :D

p/s - So when is our next clubbing outing? Heh!


~Mun Mun~ said...

hahaz..Hoong and Ken yee look like they're kissing on the lips..lolx..
BTW..that pic of them kissing looks quite hot..hahaz..swt..=.=...lolx..

Victoria said...

lol. yeah! i not so sure whether are they kissing on the lips or cheek. swt -.-" hot huh?!! damn funny la you