Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I need more strength.

Okay, I would want to make a justification on my previous post on who is the "him". Many thought that the him is my bf. By right, he is NOT my bf lah!

And, the him can be :

  • my guy friends
  • my brother
  • my daddy
  • my ex-bf
  • or anyone else but not my bf!!

So please put in mind that the him is NOT MY BF!! :) Thanks uuuu! *big wet eyes*

Nothing to blog about recently. I'm just quite hectic with my college assignments and stuff.

Here are some random pictures to make my blog not dull and boring :

L-R : Jason, Ivan, Zhiji, Jenny & me
Credit pic goes to Kenny Yew!
Jason, why are your eyes close?! heh

freaking cute right?!! awww!~

Hey ladies/babe(s), I know that somehow now is the trend to do online shopping. So one of my friend just create a online shopping blog at :

It's a new one. So please do visit it & give them your support! Thanks you :)

p/s - If i could, I would want to avoid!

pp/s - Seeing you will make me be upset T__T

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