Thursday, October 16, 2008

After so long!

Finally, my internet connection is fine. Was dying of bored-ness at home without the internet :) Now i'm hyperactive in blogging & got addicted to Plurk :P

So just a short updates on what you guys missed out this few days :

  • Got into an accident again which person banged my car's ass when i'm on the way to college but my mom was the one driving :(

  • USJ 9 kena flood few days back due to the heavy downpours

  • Suddenly I miss my pretty cousin who is now in Melbourne :/ but luckily, she is coming back in december

  • Found this random picture because I was bored.

  • My left ankle is still not okay which i'm going for an x-ray tomorrow after class :/
  • This few days I suddenly got reminded about my past relationship. zzZZ

As for today, during moral studies lecture, yuki took my phone and snapped some pics.

p/s - I really wish things could be the same as last few months T__T

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