Sunday, October 05, 2008

I'm glad

Last night, vin, his gf ; Jin Li, my mom and I went up to genting. Actually, I and my younger siblings wanted to bring my mom for a movie but then we changed our mind when we knew that vin is going up to genting. So my mom and I tagged along. Younger siblings decided to stay at home :)

Drove up at 9.20pm!

going up!

Vin and his gf ; Jin Li went to play those indoor machine games whereas mom went to casino. I met up with Chi Yen there. He was there with his secondary schoolmates. So I hang out with him for a little while, he treat me starbucks java chip and we watched football match ; MU vs dont-care-what-team. I watched the match for only 30 minutes then vin came and find me.

Waited for mom to came out from the casino and we went to Old Town Kopitiam.

kasutku yang terbaru :)

I love my mama <3

coming down!

Reached back home at 4am. Although it was a short journey but I did enjoyed myself. I love the weather up there! So cooling ~ *winks*

Because of my new shoes, I got blister on both of my heel :

freaking pain especially when touched with water *ouchy*

I know that most people loves holiday but I don't really fancy it nowadays.

The reason why I dislikes holidays :

  • Lack of sleep/Sleep late = pimples
  • Woke up late/long duration sleep = gastric
  • Outings = spend more $$$

Luckily tomorrow I'm getting back to college! weee ~

But getting back to college will make me stress. So should I prefer holidays or what? -.-"

p/s - Going to watch Don't Mess with the Zohan thru dvd now :)


~Mun Mun~ said...



Next time, you should paste plaster on your feet before wearing your new shoes k..=)

Victoria said...


thanks mui. actually I know but then I forgot about it :/