Saturday, October 18, 2008

V.S.O.P Martell.

Last night, jenny kuma picked me up then we went to kota kemuning for a drinking session with adrian and his friends.

Before meeting up with adrian, we went to MCD drive thru in kota kemuning to get my dinner. Had my dinner fillet-o-fish set in the car and we gossip gossip! It was really fun hanging out with this kuma :)

Then, met up with adrian and his friends. We had the drinking session at a lake in kota kemuning. There are about 12 of us, i think. We played games and chit-chatted. Quite fun. We drank V.S.O.P Martell. Omg, I can't really drink it pure man. It's really heating up my throat :(

We left quite early as it's dangerous for us to drive back home. Left around 12.30am. But then, we don't feel like going back home so I start calling people for yam cha! But then only one poeple say okay which is kenny.

Drove to his house and actually, in his house, there are others who are in poker session. Hah! Everyone seems to have their own every friday. So changed our mind from yam cha to drop by his house to hang out with the others.

The others are somehow my long lost friends who are Zhiji, Ivan, Aaron and Jason ( he is not long lost friend cause he is in my college) . Besides that, there are another 2 guy which I don't really know. One of them are jenny kuma's friend name Zach (if i'm not mistaken)

Hanged out in kenny's house till 2.00am. Then all of us went yam cha nearby. Got back home around 2.30am.

Okay, so now I better get my ass off to my college work. I have tans of homework T___T

p/s - my tummy not feeling well since last night after the drinking session :/

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