Thursday, October 23, 2008

I miss your smile :(

Last night, although I got to bed early but then I can't sleep. The reason is because . . . . . (oops, i'm not telling). Moreover, I had a bad dream as well :(


College was pretty funnnny because I realize that my english presentation, I have to do catwalk and a post to intro the new product :/ I was like "omg omg omg "


Had lunch with my babe(s) ; Yuki & Yoke Foong. Su Ling can't join us :( Had lunch at Burger King!

my babe :)

acting cute :P

now it's my turn :P

she doesn't want to act cute :/

Got back to college for moral studies lecture. I wasn't in the good mood because of lack of sleep. So I have my ipod to accompany me :) Not forgetting, I have yuki to accompany me as well. She took some pictures of me. She love me what. What can I do? Heh

pimples are popping out again T___T

After college, stayed back a lil while with li hou. Then, went yam cha at SS14 Tanjung for a yam cha session with him.

p/s - I miss you but then I don't wanna see you!! How?

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