Thursday, October 30, 2008

He is not my boyfriend!!

Lazy to blog about today. So planned to post out any of my draft post! Here is one of it :

(Interview on the 24th October 2008)

Because of the requirement for an interview for my business communication project, my group members ; Yuki, Darren, Primrose & Gurdeep and I have to interview a HR manager.

Firstly, we sent in a letter to request for an interview with IKEA but then, they didn't even reply. wth! Although they don't want to accept the interview, they should at least inform us but then they never do so. Then last minutes we have to changed company and my lecturer say it's okay if we don't interview a HR manager.

Anyways thanks to Darren's aunt who are kind enough to let us interview. Not forgetting, thanks to Darren as well.

After class around 1.15pm, we headed down to Port Klang. Omg, it was my first time driving to there. I dislikes the road there cause it's very messy and not organize.

Somehow We got lost. Heh!

But we managed to get proper directions from unknown around.

Pictures credit goes to Darren Lee

the huge company

Darren's aunt ; Miss Jamie

me being the secretary cause I can write fast :) perasan giler~!!

giving appreciation gift to her willing-ness to spend time with us for the interview :D


the girls

the one & only guy in our group. Hehe

p/s -Is not a kiss the very autograph of love? - Henry Finck -

pp/s - Boy, don't try to front. I know just what you are. Womanize!

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