Thursday, February 19, 2009

His 21st.

Today the 19h Feb = my eldest brother, Vincent's birthday :)

Sadly, we could not celebrate with his today as he is in langkawi. Therefore, we celebrated it earlier which is on the 12th. Had dinner at LaLa Chong.

20 donuts + 1 cake = 21

acting cuteeeeeee

Baskin Robbins ice-cream cake!

bro & his gf

daddy is not around :/

p/s - Purposely post this birthday celebration today (:

pp/s - Credit pictures goes to bro's gf ; Jin Li :)


boney said...

Happy birthday vincent!
damn cute la ur siblings arrange the donuts..
im pretty sure ur eldest younger sister had half of it!

Victoria said...

woi! i dint even eat one of the donut okay! I dont like donuts :)

boney said...

ahahah..okok then the whole cake!

Victoria said...

eh? i only eat 2 slices of the cake OKAY!! :(