Thursday, February 26, 2009


(Karaoke session with sis on the 13rd Feb @ Redbox, Pyramid)

This was an outing to break my sis's karaoke virgin. She didn't been to a karaoke before. So noobie but I still love her :)

Ya ya, I'm trying to be fat

She asked to to post like this all in the sudden :/

After karaoke session, we went shopping for pressie.

Due to the fucking hot weather, we went to taipan for ICE KACANG :D

p/s - We should go for batting soon :)


boney said...

lol! she memang noob la..and u fail to look fail..mayb she felt that that pose is cute

Victoria said...

damn bad la you :/ haa. lol. thanks wei. i know i fail (:

boney said...

ahaha..dun tell her u duwana c my head chopped off

Victoria said...

hmm but i wanna see yr head get chop :) so off i go to tell her :P

haveeee fun!

boney said...

omg! u want me to die?!

Victoria said...

hmm I don't know. Maybe? Maybe not? :P

boney said...

oh no!!!must plurk this

Victoria said...

hahaha. i saw it :)