Saturday, March 22, 2014


Shanghai theme restaurant? That's interesting isn't? Guess what! You will be able to find little shanghai somewhere near without taking a plane. This little shanghai is located at Setia Walk Mall, Puchong. Just a cross a toll from USJ. Haha so near yet so so close lol 

Visited it with my parents in law the other day. They heard about this place and they wanna go have a look. Hence, we had our late dinner there. And not forgetting it was on a Saturday and super packed *I get annoyed whenever I'm in a mall on weekends* 

Since shanghai was the theme so yea, couldn't run away from Chinese cuisine :/ 

Old school newspaper as menu. Interesting right? 

The summary. 

The atmosphere was something different however, the price of the dishes was pretty expensive according to my mother in law. But I believe it's alright for once in a while random expensive dinner or lunch. 

There are many old school items that related to china and I wanted to snap pictures with. But I tell you, you really need to queue up to snap because there are so many freaking human beings with their camera/smartphone and some even brought their dslr. Haha and I made a joke to Erwin *my husband*  that maybe some couple can snap their pre-wedding pictures there LOL 

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