Thursday, February 27, 2014

Date date me!

Postponed the other blog posts 1st. Just got back home from a date with the husband *who said married already can't go dating* It's been a while since we catch a movie. 

Usually we download movie and watch at home because I'm pretty weird as I need to have the mood to watch movie. Yeah, that's weird @.@ 

So today randomly we just went out for lunch then also because he wanted to check the Sony Sales at Sunway pyramid. 

That's right, Sony is having sales now as they are upgrading their outlet for a better one. Go check it out. 

However, we didn't get anything as he thought there'll be pS4 with cheaper price. Awwww it's okay honey *sayang you*

I think it's fated for us to watch Non-Stop because we arrived the ticket counter 10mins before the screening time and there're seats available :) 

There goes our rm28 plus rm14 for popcorn. Haha 

Rating : 6.5/10

Honestly, I just like Liam Neeson's movies *the father saves daughter and became hero thingy* and also because this movie was filmed in a plane. 
AIRPLANE! So exciting lol 

Selfie because I wanna see how's my pimples doing *cannot use mirror cause it will break hahahahaha* Go away pimples pretty please

Yes, I like it duo colour! :) 


Till then, see ya dearest readers! Happy Weekends lovelies <3

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