Thursday, February 13, 2014

It feels good...hello 2014

Reunion dinner night #cny 

This year mom was being lazy so we decided to eat out for reunion dinner. Just the four of us. It felt different because younger sis and bro weren't around :( Hope you guys enjoyed your cny in the states *although I know Malaysia celebration is better boo you* haha evil me! 

But we miss you guys dearly :( 

Of course, 1st Yee sang is with the family. This year I had 4 Yee sang ^.^ 

Louuuuuuuu yeeeeeeee sangggggg. Louuuu ahhhh Lou ahhhhh 

The expensive package mom chose for reunion dinner includes 8 dishes plus 1 yee sang 

#2 so called shark fin soup 

Say no to shark fin soup! SAY NO!!! Make it as your new year resolution! 

#3 steamed fish. Promphet or garupa not so sure. Don't fancy steam fishes 

#4 sliced abalone with seaweed and beancurd *thumbs up*

#5 Roasted duck but no picture because I don't eat duck and ducky isn't good enough to be in my blog. Sorry lol 

#6 3 types of pork with a duck and some vegetables 

#7 Glutionous rice. Don't fancy rice so again NO picture 

#8 Dessert time! Kuih bakul with coconut slice topping and custard ballsssss

With red bean soup. 

The food was okay okay normal. Not very good nor very bad. But I like the ambiance of the restaurant. Oh didn't I mention where was it? 

The grand imperial USJ 19 was the venue! 

Nearby my place and so convenient. However, those are the plus points but during these kinds of festive season, you have very limited time to indulge your meals. 

For my case, we have like what? Errr 45mins to finish all the 8dishes. Craziness. Don't even have time to munch your food properly. Indigestion came after that 

But but but WE HAVE TIME TO CAMWHORE! :) :) :) :) 


Naked face girl with mummy! 

The big bully! With hair. Lol :0

This was how we wished everyone happy cny 2014. Horsey year. 

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